Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Genesis Matrix Trading System

This forex strategy use Heiken Ashi candles as the main indicator. This is because
1. HA candles tend to smooth out a lot of the 'noise' associated with trading the M5 chart
2. It prevents you becoming biased to the long or short side due to traditional Japanese candlestick patterns and formations, which are inherently unreliable on the small Time Frames (TF).

Though looks like a simple forex strategy but this strategy is not for new beginner trader. At least you already know how trading with Metatrader for a few months.
Genesis Matrix Trading System works on all time frame but suggested using the M5 or M15. Works best in a trend rather than a ranging market. Can use in any pair. Gold and Oil work as well also.

Genesis Matrix Trading System

This strategy is based on the following Genesis indicators :
• Genesis Matrix
• Heiken Ashi candles
• EMA 5 (yellow line)
• M5 stochastic
• M15 MTF stochastic
• M5 Arrow
• M15 MTF Arrow


ENTRY 1 : Standard Genesis LONG/SHORT rule
1) 4 matrix dots with the same colour after the current bar is closed.
2) M5 stoch crossover and moving out from 20-80 overbought levels.
3) HA bar open above/below EMA5.
The M5 Arrow… we don’t always wait for the arrow because in a sudden PA reversal it may be late…but….if a M5 arrow doesn’t arrive within the next couple of candles, the trade must be monitored more closely for a possible early exit.

ENTRY 2 : 5_15 Genesis LONG/SHORT rule
This entry is the same as standard one but we use M15 arrow as a filter and we enter in the market only in the direction of the M15 arrow. As you can see from the following statistics, this increases the return of the system using either exit strategy.

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