Monday, July 28, 2014

Forex Strategy Builder Pro Strategy Collection Feature For Building Trading Strategies

One of the unique features of this program is to be able to collect strategies as they are created by the generator. The benefits of this feature are huge. For one thing as the different strategies evolve they can be examined in detail and information may be gleaned for developing the ultimate strategy that will be used for actual trading.

Here is a compressed view of the 'repository section', unfortunately the picture is too small to be able to see all of the features. (click on it for a better view)

Below are looks at various aspects of this screen, all of which allow you to make a quick evaluation of the strategy and decide on its merits for further work.

These features allow very quick evaluation and make decision making easy. No other software for developing strategies for MT4 has as many features as Forex Strategy Builder Pro. Download it here for free.

Forex Strategy Builder Tutorial

Forex Strategy Builder has been designed to be easy to use, there is a lot of documentation on the site and a few hours of working with the program will yield some excellent trading strategies.

This video gives some excellent hints as an introduction to the program.

I will be posting a series of trading strategies developed using Forex Strategy Builder in coming days.

You can download the software here for free.

This next video will give further insights as to connecting the software to Metatrader 4 for trading

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Create a Trading Strategy With Forex Strategy Builder

This great tool is easy to use for creating a strategy. I am going to outline some of the preliminary steps to show how to develop a trading strategy and test for success.
Here is the opening screen.

You can see that I have selected EURUSD 15 minutes and 50,000 data bars. We need a good number of bars to ensure that our strategy has some validity.
The next step involves selecting an indicator around which to base our strategy. In this instance I will select RSI (for no particular reason).
Here is a picture of the indicator selections screen.

And here is RSI Selected.

As you can see the journal has already calculated entries based on the aspects of RSI. We will disregard those results for now but it is very interesting to see how the journal will reflect all of the changes we may make with the indicator(s).
In the next pic you will see that I have added a Macd and I will also select  something for the opening point of the position. For this example I am going to select HeikenAshi.. I will also add something for closing the position. I will use the Awesome Oscillator.  You will see in the pic the indicators that I selected, and, as well, you will see that the loss is about $13.00 per day.

Now we are set up to evaluate this potential strategy, I will use the 'generator' for a few minutes to test its merits. To ensure that the indicators stay where I have them, I will 'chain' them . You will see the arrows pointing to the 'chain'

I have started the generator and will take a pic of its progress after a few minutes and we can see what it may be showing as a potential strategy.
This pic is taken after about 360 iterations and you will see that the strategy is profitable, even though there are three serious losses that have to be investigated and corrected.

You can see that the generator has tried a Weekly Close and that the daily earnings approach about $56.00 daily.
Here is one more pic showing a portion of the journal and also some interesting statistics on the right hand side.

Briefly, this has shown some of the preliminary steps in developing an automated strategy with Forex Strategy Builder. As you have seen, this is very simple software to use and it gives some great results.

Considering that this is free software, no serious trader can afford to be without it.

I did a further optimization, 152 iterations and the profits are much greater as you will see in the pic below. Note also, no losing trades..!!

A new result - the generator has done about 650 iterations and now the daily income has increased by a huge amount. Have a look and see that the daily income is close to $300 daily - and we have spent no time at all on coding, in fact, the setup took only a couple minutes and we have a system with great profits.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Forex Strategy Builder Result

Interesting Results

Forex Strategy Builder is an excellent program for developing strategies. This afternoon I set it to run while I went out for a while and when I got back to the screen there was a system with a huge account growth.

Check out this graph:

I have not  had a chance to test this strategy as the markets are closed for the weekend, for sure I will have it running on a demo on Sunday evening when the Asian markets open.

I just wanted to pass this result along, perhaps you want to download Forex Strategy Builder and develop some strategies of your own.

Have a nice weekend.!!

July 5.

The results I posted above are just what came from the 'Generator', for interest's sake I am going to use the 'Optimizer' to see if results can be enhanced. Below is a picture of the optimizer before I start. This could be an interesting optimization.


Below is the result of the first optimization and you can see that the end result is a significant increase in the profits.

I will do a further optimization and see what that may yield.

Here is the final optimization, I don't think there will be much more to gain without serious curve-fitting. You can see a 25 percent gain between the first and last. This demonstrates the power of the software, and, as you can see, this tool will allow you to create some excellent trading strategies.