Tuesday, September 25, 2012

BBMA Forex Strategy

BBMA or Bolinger Band + Moving Average forex system is a pretty popular strategy these days. Many traders use this strategy and they find it’s quite helpful to predict the price movements. Mainly to predict the big trend and find where and to where prices will move.

This forex strategy can be used on any time frame but It’s recommended used on timeframe H4 and H1 to know the big trend anda use M15 for make entry decision. On pair EURUSD, GBPUSD or USDCHF.

Setup the Indicators on your chart 
  1. Add Bolinger Band Period 20, Deviation 2 
  2. Add Bolinger Band Period 20, Deviation 1 
  3. Add Moving Average Period 5, MA method : Linear Weighted, Color : RED, Apply to : High 
  4. Add Moving Average Period 5, MA method : Linear Weighted, Color : PURPLE, Apply to : Low 
  5. Add Moving Average Period 55, MA method : Expotinential, Color : Aqua, Apply to : Close 

How to trade 
  1. Determine the big trend by looking the Moving Average (MA 55) on timeframe H4 and H1, look if the candel prices is below candlestick or above. If they're below of MA 55 then we are going to find any chance to sell on TF M15. And vice versa if they're above of MA 55 then we're going to find any chance to buy on TF M15. 
  2. In time frame M15 the best signal for entry when the candlestick touch upper or lower bollingger band, Especially when you see good signs for candel reverse like doji or long shadow. 

It’s very recommended to use this forex strategy using your demo account until you familiar with it at least 3 months. After that you can go with your live account. Happy trading…!

Download BBMA indicator :  BBMA indicators and Template

Credit : dollarsmagic from mt5 forum

Monday, September 17, 2012

Simple 10 Pips Forex Strategy

This is a simple forex strategy using basic indicators from MT4 or MT5 platform. Base on scalping system. We must be patient for waiting a good signal from this strategy. When there is a good setup then it can have around 80% winning rate. Recommended for practising in demo account until you familiar with this system. After that yo can go with your real account.

Requirements :
  1. Time Frame 15 or 30 M 
  2. Bollinger Bands in Default settings 
  3. Stochastic 5.3.3 in level 20 and 80 
  4. Pair with low spread 
How to trade :
When price out under line of bollinger bands the price will come back in bollinger again when the first candle close in bollinger Prove the intersection of lines in the indicator stochastic open order buy and your target be 10 pip only.

Click image to larger 

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That's all simple but profitable, you'll decided...!