Friday, November 21, 2014

Magic Bands Scalp Trading Strategy As As November 21, 2014

There was good volatility in the Forex markets today and some excellent opportunities using this simple strategy.

Let's review a couple charts.

First is AUDUSD, you can see a nice move up and then a gradual move down, two simple entries for profit.

Next is EURGBP. There was a nice bearish entry and then another on a retrace. It is important to  be sure that there is a slope on the 15 Bollinger Band and preferably on both sets of Bollinger Bands. This will keep you out of the chop.

GBPUSD. There were a couple bear entries, the second one being after a retrace. Once those two were finished, the next couple  of the potential entries were suspect based on the slope of the BB lines.

I have several more charts below, that you can observe..... note that the best entries have a good slope on the Bollinger Bands.

USDCHF Once the long move finishes the Bollinger Bands flatten out.. close the trade and look for another trade, avoid consolidations and ranging markets with this system. There are many opportunities daily with this system on different currency pairs

On the AUDCHF, once the price retraces to the 50 Bollinger Bands, it is time to get out of this pair and look for another pair to trade. There is no value to trading in the choppy market, it usually ends up in a loss.

CADCHF  Once the long entry retraces.... get out of this pair and look for another entry on another pair...  Stay away from the consolidation periods!

As mentioned, most important is the slope of the Bollinger Bands. There are enough entries available on different pairs that we can pick and choose and be selective as to the entries we take.

In order to be able monitor several pairs for trade opportunity I have a moving average crossover alert set for the 15 crossing the 50, That allows me to be aware of what is happening on different currency pairs as the day passes.

Again, a stop loss is important in this type of trading, I use a trailing stop as well.

Next week we will probably see more volatility in the markets and many resultant opportunities for this simple trading strategy.

Good Trading..!!


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